“Gesher El Hanoar”'s aim is to significantly reduce the drop-out rate amongst youngsters at risk in Israel and afford them equal opportunities for future success in life, by reducing the economic and educational gaps which exist today and by breaking the inter-generational social and economic transcription patterns.   


"Gesher El Hanoar" implements an action model which provides all-round, comprehensive support for youngsters at risk, which includes: 

  • Activating "Cozy Homes" - these homes operate 5 days a week and host up to 24 boys and girls in each home. The youngsters are received in the homes for 5 hours every day immediately after school hours and are engaged in various activities which include:  

  • Hot lunch 

  • 3 hours (at least) of private tutoring sessions in preparation for the Baccalaureate finals - in all subjects.

  • 2 hours (weekly) of self empowerment, personal and emotional mentoring,  and preparing for getting drafted into IDF military service/National service.

  • 1 hour of extra curricular activities - a communal session which may be a talk, a workshop or a recreational class.  

  • Outdoors activities

The youngsters take part in a 3-day annual trip and in tours to IDF army bases; they also go out to cultural events such as the theatre, the movies and music concerts and shows.  "Gesher El Hanoar" also assists the youngsters to financially fund the state initiated school trips to Poland taken out once a year. 


  •  General welfare financial assistance for youngsters and their families

This is an aid package which includes clothing and footwear, study supplies and school gear, psychological and didactic diagnoses, extra-curricular activities, medical care and medical treatments, parental guidance, household goods and equipment and financial assistance to fund payments made out to schools and municipalities, as and when necessary.  


We actively aim to cut down the number of "new cases" and "additional cases" of youngsters at risk. Identifying youngsters at risk in collaboration with the schools is a routine activity taken on by "Gesher El Hanoar" in order to minimize the scope of this problem as a social phenomena in Israel and in order to improve the boy or girl's current circumstances.

Youngsters at risk  - aid and prevention


The initiative for founding "Gesher El Hanoar" association for aiding youngsters at risk was taken up by Mrs. Varda and Dr. Dov Halperin. Since the association was set up in 2000, a grate deal of knowledge has been accumulating regarding kids and youngsters at risk; programs written up and applied regarding the rehabilitation of such kids and youngsters from the perspectives of physical and emotional health and development, their sense of belonging to family and to society, and the protective measures to be applied in order to shield them from dangers from others as well as from themselves.


Here at "Gesher El Hanoar" we keep improving our capabilities and understanding of a variety of issues relating to kids and youngsters at risk - both from a theoretical and academic standpoint as well as regarding the practical aspects. "Gesher" works in close collaboration with the relevant offices, organizations and institutions who are dealing with helping and rescuing kids and youngsters at risk.


Amongst our other activities we take action to prevent kids and youngsters from dropping out of the school system.


The Preventative measures applied are based on research and applicative experience in the areas of consultation, psychology, medicine, social care, public health, the law and more.  We try to fit each boy and girl with a solution which is unique to his or her own attitude and perspective, specifically designed to prevent a wide range of negative consequences such as: failing in school, violence, harmful risky behaviors, the consumption of alcohol and drugs, poverty and more.   

In implementing preventative measures programs for kids and youngsters at risk it is very important to provide help and assistance at the very early stages of the child's life, when he or she are still learning to acknowledge and manage their own feelings and actions, before they fall into undesirable behavior patterns and when they are still susceptible to the influence of others. This is the stage in which "Gesher El Hanoar" intervenes.     

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